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Why Marijuana should be made legal in India!

The legalisation of Marijuana is a controversial issue that has dogged the country for years. Even though its consumption was banned by the Government of India in 1986 Read More…

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How to relax before and during your CAT Exams

Are you feeling stressed out and anxious before your CAT admission exams? Do you find your stress increasing as it comes Read More…

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DIY – Pedicure at home

Most women make an effort to look suave and we-groomed but often neglect their feet which looks dry and sore with chapped heels. Pedicures often are the most Read More…

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5 Best lunch to pack for your office

Do your hunger pangs decrease when you look at the dreary and mundane contents of your lunch box? Does the rushed morning routine make you tired, disinterested and careless about your nutrition and the type of food you pack for lunch at work? Many of us do not eat a fulfilling lunch and are soon hungry enough by tea time to gorge on fried stuff or fattening sweets. What you thought of was a good idea in the morning really does not seem appetizing enough or satisfying enough to keep you going till dinnertime. Read More…

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3 Impressive Benefits of Fasting on Your Health

The idea of fasting is not just religious, but revolves around health too. People all over the world who are seeking to adopt meaningful ancient practices are experiencing the benefits of fasting. While there is a stigma of not to fast made to exist by health practitioners, the sensible community of people are accepting the benefits of relieving their body with fasting. Here are three prime benefits that can help achieve your health goals and live a well-balanced life. Read More…

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How Gardening Can Help Reduce Mental Stress

A popular saying which says ‘Watch your garden grow while your stress shrink’ is widely accepted by psychologists and mental health specialists. While there are several ways to beat your stress, planting a garden is by far the simplest. You definitely feel relieved of stress while you tend your garden. It will help you alleviate anxiety even if you feel caught in your hectic routine. The best way to get to know about its effects is to experience by planting a garden yourself. Read More…

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7 Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

Are you feeling claustrophobic and tired of being locked up in a corporate jungle? Does the artificial environment of an office make you feel low and stressed out? Pep up your working space with office plants which are easy to maintain and refreshing. Surround yourself with greenery, oxygen and multiple benefits with the right type of indoor plants. Read More…

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Fight against depression close to my heart: Deepika Padukone

Setting the foundation for a good cause, Deepika Padukone has initiated an NGO, “Live Love Laugh” to address the mental illness issues basically -Depression.

Read More…

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