12 habits that are really bad for our heart

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March 20, 2018

A healthy heart is required for everyone to stay healthy and long living. As heart supplies blood to all parts of our body, the functioning of inner organs is mainly depends on our heart. But the fact is most of us are not caring our hearts. The rates of heart diseases and deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases are constantly increasing.

Even though we really care our heart, few habits we follow and some food items we intake have a negative impact on our heart.

If you think you are not too old to think about your heart, it is not a right thing. The things you are doing every day may also become a risk factor in the coming days or years. But you are doing those without realizing it will affect your heart.

If you really care about your health and like to live with a healthy heart, try to change the following habits:
1. Settled in a seat for a long time

Our body requires minimum physical activities for stay active. In case, if you sit in the same place for a long time, it will lead to certain health risks. Even if you do regular exercises, staying seated continuously prevent you from getting the benefits of that physical exercise.
It is better to do minimal physical activities like standing, walking at least one time per hour.
2. Diet with repeated food items

Many people thought that eating the same food daily will not cause any troubles in health. But the fact is not that. If you follow such diet, your body will not get adequate minerals and nutrients.
We can take food items that include good fats and fiber along with nutrients. Intake delicious foods which are rich in minerals to your diet menu.
3. Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not bad for your heart. It will benefit you only if you drink alcohol in a controlled manner. If you exceed the limit, then alcohol will lead you to high blood fats, high blood pressure which results in heart problems.
4. Feeding our minds with unexpressed feelings

The way we handling the depressions is directly related to our heart problems. If our thoughts constantly revolve around the same thing, it will cause much depression and preclude us from doing other activities.
The simple way to overcome such depression is to open up your feelings to your closed one. Don’t isolate yourselves from other people. Keep close to people. Try to avoid bottling your feelings.
5. Avoid Flossing

If you skip flossing in your daily activities, then the bacteria present in your mouth cause gum diseases and lead to inflammation. Gum diseases are powerful to affect the functioning of blood vessels which puts your heart health at risk.
6. Maintaining unhealthy fats

Fat burning is required for everyone to burn the extra calories they intake from food. Otherwise, it provides a way for excessive blood cholesterol which causes coronary heart diseases.
Eating foods which are rich in calories and having empty calories food cause health risks like diabetes and obesity. It is mandatory to eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, egg, fish & other seafood to get sufficient calories along with nutrients.
7. Taking Red meat regularly

Red meats are rich in saturated fats. If you consume red meat in a regular manner, it is sure that cardiovascular diseases will affect you.
It is better to limit the meat and animal products in your diet.
8. Neglecting the Snoring

Most people who are snoring when they are in sleep ignore it because they thought that it is not a serious issue. But Actually Snoring is a symptom of interrupted breathing during sleep. Such interruptions will increase the level of blood pressures drastically which causes heart diseases.
9. Smoking and Passive Smoking

The toxic ingredients present in cigarette have the power to restrict the blood flow and cause blood clots which are the high-risk factors for our heart. This is possible for both smokers and who inhale the smoke.
10. Ignoring the medicines

If you suddenly stop the medications which you take regularly, the chances are higher for the increase in blood pressure.
11. Ignoring physical signs
Similar to snoring, most of us ignore certain physical symptoms like highly sweating, a sensation of heart burning at times, throat pain and others. But these are the early symptoms that show your heart is in trouble.
12. Excessive intake of salt

Salt contains a large amount of Sodium (Sodium Chloride). Sodium consumption should be below 2300 milligrams for a day. If the limit exceeds, it will cause high blood pressure which is the main reason for heart diseases and stroke.
We can reduce the intake by minimizing the amount of salt added to our food and avoiding junk foods.


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