8 warning signals of mental illness

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April 18, 2018

Diagnosing mental health disorders is a challenging task. Unlike physical health disorders, advanced equipment are not available to identify the mental illness of a person. Recent stats show that around 13.7% Indians are affected by mental illness and 1 in every 20 Indians are having mental health disorders like depression, anxiety.

If you notice your friend or a member in your family isolates himself/herself from others and showing emotions in an intense manner or sudden changes in their emotions, it is time to get counseling from a psychiatrist or mental health specialist for your loved ones.

Similarly, there are certain symptoms which are very common but they are the warning signals that help to identify the mental illness.

  1. Excessive fear of weight


Everybody has a little fear on our waistline because excessive fat and weight affect our appearance. But mentally disturbed persons have intense fear of their weight. Such kind of fear is termed as Pocrescobia.

Avoidance of food or consuming less food, feeling guilty while eating, obsession with weight loss help us to find the mental disorder.

  1. Changes in Sleeping patterns

An 8-hour sleep is essential for everyone to maintain an energetic physical and mental health. But certain factors causing depression obstructs our sleep for a while. Hence it shows that mentally affected persons will not get adequate sleep at night times.

If you notice a person does not sleep at night and having too much sleep at daytime, mental disorder may be the reason behind this. Otherwise, it is caused by sleep disorders.

  1. Excess of alcohol consumption

It is commonly seen in drunkards. Consuming too much of drugs or alcohols is also a sign of mental illness.

  1. Feeling unmotivated

People with mental disorders feel extremely sad and not interested in chatting with others including their friends and family members. If you see your close one is looking sad or talking like unmotivated for more than 2 weeks, it is better to visit Psychiatrist for consultation.

  1. Feeling difficulty in doing daily activities

The depression caused by the responsibilities or frequently repeating same things everyday fluctuates our daily tasks. People with mental disorders struggle to do their routine works like brushing, bathing, eating and others.

Similarly, they feel the works or tasks they do in workplaces or studying institutions very hard.

  1. Feeling guilty

Inferiority complex also begins to increase for people with mental illness. Such people worry for unknown reasons. Thoughts like “I am useless”, “I am not worthy”, “I did a mistake” arise in their mind.

In such cases, they begin to blame themselves frequently and even trying to harm themselves.

  1. Suicidal thoughts

The idea of harming, violence and suicidal thoughts are higher for people affected by depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.

  1. Physical issues without any clear reason


In general, people with anxiety feel anger or frightened for everything. In such cases, they encounter issues like fast heart beating, short breathing, stomach pain, headaches, indigestion and other health complications.

If you notice or come across a person suffering from certain physical problems without any obvious cause, then the person is affected by mental illness. It is time to visit psychiatrist instead of general doctors.


Besides adults and adolescents, even kids and teens are also suffered from mental health disorders nowadays. Even though there are wide range and levels of mental health disorders, the base reason for all those is the depression and anxiety caused due to various reasons.

Similarly, the symptoms are also common for mental illness among people of all age ranges. Proper counseling provided by Psychiatrist and extensive care from their lovable & closed ones are essential for people suffered from mental illness.


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