5 Different Indian Salads for your taste buds

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November 14, 2017

Do you want to absorb the maximum nutrients to have a healthy body? Are you keen on adding foods that help with weight loss including other great health benefits? As a hot favorite with most people, salads help in losing weight as fresh vegetables are added to a meal. Many people find salads boring as they do not take the trouble to make them relishing, interesting and full of benefits. With the fast pace of life, lot of professionals do not find time to eat a proper meal and here’s where a great tasty salad comes in to fulfill the hunger pangs.

Your salads do not need to be filled with greens or chock-a-bloc with ingredients that demand forceful eating. Make your salad tempting with all your favorite veggie, fruits and super dressed to satisfy your taste buds. Get the best balance with nutrients which will fulfill cravings and act as a wholesome and robust meal. Salads can be exotic with tropical fruits along with a Mexican quinoa base peppers, corn, bean, kale or spinach and of course lettuce. Top it with bits of tortilla, salsa and cheese or vegan of your choice.

Try out the Flavors of Nature’s Bounty

Are you game for a delicious salad? According to experts, one of the best and healthy habits that you can adopt is to start eating salads! As a fun way to eat veggies and fruits, salads are crunchy, cool and flavorful with textures and myriad colors. But though some people think that it’s tasty only when combined with fattening and full of cream-based dressing, think of the weight you will be losing with the benefit of Nature’s goodness.

Do you want to try out mouth-watering salads with veggies, fruits and other great low cal dressings that will stimulate the taste buds? Juicy, crunchy and delectable, take off on delicious salad trail perked up with nutrition and taste. Valuable in nutrients, salads contain antioxidants, fiber, low calories, proteins and high water content.

Fiber for a Healthy Digestive System

Ingesting vegetables help to keep the digestive system healthy as they are packed with insoluble fiber. Consuming fiber-rich foods eliminates the risk of heart problems and keeps the system fuller for a longer period.

Rich in Proteins

Unlike non-vegetarians who have their daily intake of fish and meat, vegetarians need to hike up their quota of pulses, green vegetables and nuts. As protein is essential for building muscles which burn fat and help in losing weight, the body also acquires a leaner and fitter image.

Antioxidant Rich

With innumerable vegetable and fruits containing antioxidants, the body gets cleansed of accumulated toxins and sheds weight with detoxification. Helping to cleaning the organs in the body, the vegetables which are ingested containing antioxidant carotenoids also provide nutrition.

Intense Water Content

Keeping the body fuller for a longer time, vegetable and fruits contain low calories and help in maintain daily calorie values.

Low Calorie Count

It is important to include sprouts and green vegetables for a count of 100-150 calories which should amount to 1-2 cups. Salads help to overcoming hunger pangs besides keeping you full. Add to main meals with a cup of salad which will help to eat less.

Explore an Exotic Extravaganza

Do you want to try out the exotic flavors of Nature’s garden and taste the freshness, experience the delightful colors and the exotica? Here are some of the great meal replacements if you are ready to lose weight or if you want to indulge in healthy eating:

(1) Cobb Salad Asian Style

Tasty and absolutely delicious, this great Cobb Salad Asian Style has the capability to replace a meal with nutrients and proteins. Chock full of eggs, avocado, green onions, carrots and mandarin oranges, this delectable salad tossed with vinaigrette dressing offers nourishment with antioxidants, maintenance of oral health and eye health benefits.  Besides giving the body vitamins, selenium, trace minerals, the ingredients of this special salad also offer prevention of certain types of cancer and protection of the stomach lining.

(2) Apple Salad with Nuts

Simple yet reaping huge benefits, this green apple and nuts salad contains vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals. Fighting disorders of the digestive system, green apples, regulate glucose, leverage appetite levels and maintain low levels of cholesterol. Containing heart-healthy benefits, nuts offer omega-3 fatty acids, unsaturated fats, Vitamin E, L-arginine, plant sterol and fiber.

(3) Fruit Salad with Quinoa

It’s tropical! It’s terrific! Bouncing with refreshing flavors, this fruit salad with quinoa tastes best during the summer months along with strawberries and mangoes. Tasty and tangy, this salad needs vinaigrette dressing which offers it balance with the summer heat. Combining a great fruit salad with quinoa offers a protein-rich food with fiber, magnesium, lysine, iron, B2 and manganese. Fruits are known to offer potassium which decrease stroke and stroke including reducing bone loss and risk of kidney stones. The Folate (folic acid) found in fruits help to form red blood cells in the body.

(4) Cherry Tomato and Methi Salad

Delightful ad refreshing, the cherry tomato and methi salad offer a delectable journey of the taste buds and do not need cream or any other ingredients which are fattening. Nutritious and tasty, cherry tomatoes contain fiber, proteins, Vitamin C, minerals and other vitamins. Besides adding flavor and spice methi improves cholesterol levels and relieves digestive problems. Increasing libido in men, methi also promotes flow of milk in breastfeeding and reduces inflammation of the surface of the body.

(5) Bell Pepper, Sprouted Moong and Zucchini Salad

Giving a special treat for the taste buds, this delicious zucchini and bell pepper combination is a great way to absorb the goodness of sprouted moong.  You can combine this zucchini, sprouted moong and bell pepper salad with apples which offers fiber and Vitamin C. A dash of lemon brings out the texture with a tangy dressing blend. For a more fulfilling and healthier option, add tofu which comprises of advantageous phytonutrients such as isoflavones and genistein which reduces lower blood cholesterol levels which removes fatty deposits from the arteries.


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