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September 16, 2017

Most women make an effort to look suave and we-groomed but often neglect their feet which looks dry and sore with chapped heels. Pedicures often are the most neglected factors when it comes to a beauty regime. With the fast pace of everyday life, a pedicure makes your feet look flawless and reduces tension and stress.

If you do not have the time to visit a beauty salon, its best to go in for a DIY pedicure at home once in fifteen days which would give you time for yourself and make you feel confident and definitely well-groomed.

Why Pedicure?

  • It relaxes
  • Releases stress
  • Gives tired feet rest with a massage
  • Offers timely healing
  • It rejuvenates

Getting Ready for the DIY Pedicure

  • Keep a nail brush, nail file, pumice stone, loofah and nail cutter ready.
  • Some acetone
  • Add on the magic ingredients of honey, shampoo, cuticle pusher, slices of lemon, and marigold petals in a tub with hot water
  • a towel
  • a moisturizing cream

A Relaxing DIY Pedicure

  • First soak your feet in the hot water tub with marigold petals and lemon slices for some time.
  • Cut and clean your nails with acetone and file them once they get softened in the water.
  • Massage in a wee bit of honey and cream and rest your feet again in the warm water.
  • Scrub your heels with the pumice stone to remove dead skin.
  • Use the nail brush to remove dirt or grime and use the cuticle pusher to dislodge dead skin around the nails.
  • Rub the lemon slices to remove tan.
  • Pat your feet dry with a towel.
  • Use the loofah to take off any remaining dead skin.
  • Mix about 2 teaspoons of cream and honey, massage into the feet and calves and wipe dry.

As an additional step, you can remove unwanted hair on the legs by waxing or using a hair removal cream. A moisturizer helps to close the pores that open in case you are waxing. Voila! There you go. Showcase a well-cared for and well-groomed feet to make yourself feel good.


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