7 Best Indoor Plants for Your Office

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August 21, 2017

Are you feeling claustrophobic and tired of being locked up in a corporate jungle? Does the artificial environment of an office make you feel low and stressed out? Pep up your working space with office plants which are easy to maintain and refreshing. Surround yourself with greenery, oxygen and multiple benefits with the right type of indoor plants.

Vital. Vibrant. Vivacious.

 Add on zing and attraction to make your office surroundings vibrant with a fresh look. Did you know that contaminated air is full of pollutants and air toxins which cause nausea, dizziness, headaches, eye and nose irritation? Interior decorators for years have brought in these leafy protectors to decorate and help in purifying the air and to eliminate toxins to enhance health conditions.

Here are some great ideas to get rid of polluted air with indoor plants which absorb carbon dioxide. The potting soil used for indoor plants also cleanses the air. Liven up your working area with the goodness and healing of indoor plants:

Aloe Vera

Easy to maintain with less watering needed, Aloe Vera clears the air of formaldehyde and benzene which is found in chemically treated paints and cleaning products. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, Aloe Vera can also be used for burns, general skin care and cuts.

Snake Plant

Filtering out formaldehyde which is present in toilet paper, cleaning products, tissue and personal care products, the Snake Plant removes air impurities by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This plant does not need much light and can be kept in a corner to cheer up the space.

Areca Palm

Needing just indirect sunlight and limited water, the Areca Palm can be kept in a small container as its roots are crowded and limit growth when kept in indoors. the Areca Palm filters out toluene and xylene from the surrounding air and is also an great humidifier besides looking lush and refreshing.

Peace Lily

Requiring shade and water just once in a week, the Peace Lily removes toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the air. The Peace Lily also filters out ammonia, toluene and xylene from the environment. If the leaves start drooping, this plant needs to be watered and kept in indirect sunlight to help the flowers to bloom.

Weeping Fig

With its ability to filter out air pollutants, the Weeping Fig eliminates trichloroethylene, benzene and formaldehyde which can be found in carpets and furniture. Keep the Weeping Fig near a window for indirect bright sunlight and in an area where there are few temperature and environmental changes.

Rubber Plant

Refreshing and attractive, the Rubber Plant brightens up a dim area of the office and is a great protector. Removing formaldehyde found in furniture glue, the Rubber Plant also gets rid of and carbon monoxide in the air. This plant needs just a little sunlight and moderate water.

Golden Pothos
With low maintenance and no detailed care, the Golden Pothos is an ideal plant for office interiors and parking spaces. This plant needs very little sunlight and removes formaldehyde found in car exhausts besides eliminating impurities and toxins in the air. The Golden Pothos maintains its green look even when placed in a dark corner and needs minimum water.

Add a green and refreshing ambience with indoor plants to brighten, safeguard and protect your health and enhance the ambience of your working space.

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