5 Best lunch to pack for your office

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September 12, 2017

Do your hunger pangs decrease when you look at the dreary and mundane contents of your lunch box? Does the rushed morning routine make you tired, disinterested and careless about your nutrition and the type of food you pack for lunch at work? Many of us do not eat a fulfilling lunch and are soon hungry enough by tea time to gorge on fried stuff or fattening sweets. What you thought of was a good idea in the morning really does not seem appetizing enough or satisfying enough to keep you going till dinnertime.

But don’t worry…there are some really great ideas that will stimulate your appetite besides fueling you up with filling food. Besides the unconventional food that one often packs for lunch at work, you can think outside the box to make your food presentable, appetizing and satisfying. Here are 5 such best lunches you can prepare.

Pack a Nutritious and Balanced Lunch for Work

  1. Rajma Beans – Pack in the best nutrients which offer fiber, trace minerals, folate, proteins and carbs with a great dish made of Rajma beans which can be combined with meat, vegetables and accompanied by brown rice or rotis.
  2. Milk Products in your lunch – If you have overdone the previous day’s quota of any meal with unhealthy food or fast food, here’s a wonderful way to get dietary fat with a healthy lunch. Add on calorie-free beverages, high-fat milk and yogurt for a rich source of calcium along with cheese sandwiches and soy milk.
  3. Goodness of Vegetables – Sauté or grill vegetables and sprinkle with mixed herbs along with paneer, tomatoes and olives for the soothing and nourishing effect of water, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Zip up your lunch with whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread and cheese or butter to energize and satisfy the body.
  4. Chicken or Fish – Toss in left-over chicken or fish with a cup of cooked brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Add fillip to your lunch with a cup of buttermilk or soya milk for a whole fat, protein, vitamin and a fiber rich fueled meal.
  5. Goodness of Fiber-rich Carbs – Pack in the macro-nutrients with complex carbs in a unique salad with beans, peas, pasta, potatoes, corn, orange, dark green and red vegetables.

Having a nutritious meal which is balanced with protein, complex carbs, dietary fat, vitamins and minerals not only peps you up but keeps you full and satisfied. With a half empty stomach, moods change making you feel irritable, dizzy, less energetic and more importantly, more hungrier. But if you eat a completely balanced diet, the body digests the food slowly, making you feel full for a longer time.

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