How to relax before and during your CAT Exams

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September 20, 2017

Are you feeling stressed out and anxious before your CAT admission exams? Do you find your stress increasing as it comes close to the big day? Learn to relax and set your mind at ease as you can relieve the anxiety.  It’s natural to feel panic, nervous and tense as your dream admission exam approaches.

Here are some tips on how to stay calm and composed before and during the exam time. If you are studying late at night trying to cram for your exams, try these easy tips on how to stay awake and be alert

While Preparing For Your CAT Exams

  • Wash your face with cold water
  • Drink liquids which are rejuvenating like hot chocolate, or chocolate milk
  • Get up and do some stretching exercises while preparing for the exams to take out the tension from your body while you are preparing
  • Attempt to remember points and critical answers in your subject by reading slowly and thoroughly so you can absorb them one by one
  • Picture yourself in your favorite place where you feel happy and tension-free
  • Try and loosen up at your desk by clenching and unclenching your hands
  • Relax your hands and legs while preparing

Release Your Tension before the CAT Exams

  • Drink beverages like hot chocolate, or chocolate milk before the exam as it can provide good energy and keep you attentive.
  • Wear clothes which are loose and comfortable to the exam hall
  • Try and loosen up at your desk by clenching and unclenching your hands
  • Take deep breaths and calm yourself physically and mentally
  • Keep your feet firmly on the floor and sit up straight
  • Loosen up by thinking positive
  • Tell yourself that you can do it
  • If you are prone to panic before your exams, try to smile at yourself by thinking some silly joke.
  • Rest your eyes and breathe deeply for a few seconds
  • Read through the test papers carefully and bring your mind to focus and absorb the questions before attempting to write
  • Do not look around in the middle of writing exams as you will feel more anxious when you see others breezing through the test.
  • Concentrate on your paper and let your mind be filled with what you had studied the night before

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