Why Marijuana should be made legal in India!

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October 14, 2017

The legalisation of Marijuana is a controversial issue that has dogged the country for years. Even though its consumption was banned by the Government of India in 1986, it has grown quite popular among patrons who are willing to pursue this illegal weed in the face of jail time and hefty fines. What was passed as a law has failed majestically.

Following are some reasons why the ban should be scrapped and marijuana be made legal in India.

  1. Medical benefits – There has been hundreds of research into this that clearly states that marijuana in fact possesses a lot of medicinal benefits. Some of these include but not limited to reducing stress and anxiety, treating glaucoma and slowing Alzheimer’s disease. Its use in palliative care as a substitute to painkiller is now legal in many western countries.
  1. One of the main reasons the Government of India banned marijuana is because it is identified and classified as a drug. Some drugs are banned because it is addictive and life-threatening and marijuana falls under this category. But successive studies have shown that addiction to marijuana is indeed lesser when compared to alcohol, designer drugs and tobacco.
  1. Prohibiting marijuana has instead made the weed look very desirable among youngsters. Of that thousands of kilos of hash produced in the country, only a few hundred are seized each year. That means there is an unhindered supply of marijuana if you know the specific people. Since, the substance is banned in mainland India it only increases to entice people to try it out illegally.
  1. Legalisation of marijuana has the potential to help the economy to some extent. It can increase government revenue if it is taxed. If the production and distribution of marijuana is made legal, it will give the economy a boost.
  1. Legalisation will also ensure that the marijuana available is of better quality. This will eliminate adverse health effects due to dilution and admixture of marijuana with other chemical additives.


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