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Eat smart during Navarathri

Festivals are the time we let loose our dietary inhibitions and gorge ourselves on all the special treats only to regret later about all the calories Read More…

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DIY – Pedicure at home

Most women make an effort to look suave and we-groomed but often neglect their feet which looks dry and sore with chapped heels. Pedicures often are the most Read More…

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Make these natural dyes at home

Do you want to upcycle your clothes? Would you like to give your wardrobe a new look without spending money? Don’t throw away your old clothes, just color them with natural dyes.

Instead of throwing away old vegetables which have become stale or left forgotten in the fridge, use them as natural dyes to color your clothes or your favorite pieces of apparel which you do not feel like discarding. Read More…

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Vettiver Water Heals Your Skin

Do you want to detox your body and feel great? Would you like to have a clear and glowing skin? Vetiver also known as ‘Khus’ is a healing herb which thrives in tropical weather. Derived from the Tamil word, ‘Vettiver’ offers a magical transformation with its versatile properties and has been used in the preparation of fragrances, cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and in aromatherapy. Read More…

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Why Are Natural Dyes Trending Right Now

Demands for natural dyes have been steadily increasing globally due to increased awareness on their therapeutic properties. Natural dyes are derived from natural sources such as plants, insects and minerals. They are getting popular because they carry no side effects, they protect against harmful UV rays and are said to possess anti-ageing properties. Natural dyes are used to impart color to a variety of materials like textiles, paper, wood etc. They are also used to impart colors in the products of such industries like cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries. Read More…

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Tight jeans can affect men’s fertility

Tight jeans or skinny jeans were embraced readily by men who were looking to show their fitness. A lean or built leg is sought-after and what best way to show it off wearing a skinny jean. But it will come as a shocker if you know that wearing skinny jean can possibly cause infertility in men. Read More…

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No-Poo Movement – Three Methods for No-Shampoo

It is hard to imagine how my hair would look if I stop using shampoo. My hair would go all greasy but though the movement has begun for a glamorous reason.

Leopoldo Santos, MD, at the University of British Columbia’s Department of Dermatology and Skin Science, gives details that, “Shampoos are composed of many types of detergents. Read More…

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Dangers of Leggings

Dangers of Wearing Leggings

Fashion can have a straight effect on fitness. Irrationally, the world has become a media circus and we are compromising our health for this obsession.

Today legging is the most comfortable dress for all and sundry. Including men, don’t ask me how, guys wear legging jean too! It is easy to wear, comes in different shades, materials, fits all sizes and is also cheap.

Read More…

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