Tight jeans can affect men’s fertility

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August 17, 2017

Tight jeans or skinny jeans were embraced readily by men who were looking to show their fitness. A lean or built leg is sought-after and what best way to show it off wearing a skinny jean. But it will come as a shocker if you know that wearing skinny jean can possibly cause infertility in men.

Skinny jean – The change it induces in the body

This is one cloth you were not putting on casually. You possibly had to shove your legs into it by lying on your bed. Such dramas you had to put up before you can get them fully cover your legs. They are seemingly tight and are uncomfortable in the first place. Here are points that can make you wonder.

  • The skinny jeans pull your crotch up and probably would stick them to your body.
  • Any of us should be aware of the fact that inside the crotch the testicles are kept in temperature that is slightly lower than the body temperature.
  • While the body temperature is 37 degree Celsius, the testicular temperature is lower by 2.5 to 3 degree Celsius.
  • While the scrotum or the crotch is brought up and gets attached to the body, the testicular temperature also raises.
  • A rise in temperature inside the scrotum destroys the process of sperm production.
  • It may be emphasized that spermatogenesis (sperm production) is best at a testicular temperature of 34 degree Celsius.

So why wear something that has high probability of destroying your fertility. Wear comfortable clothing to stay safe. After all the food habits are also adding to men’s infertility and you do not want to add one more factor to it.


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