Dangers of Wearing Leggings

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July 30, 2015

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Fashion can have a straight effect on fitness. Irrationally, the world has become a media circus and we are compromising our health for this obsession.

Today legging is the most comfortable dress for all and sundry. Including men, don’t ask me how, guys wear legging jean too! It is easy to wear, comes in different shades, materials, fits all sizes and is also cheap.

When I am dressed in a legging, it makes me look slender and slight, keeps my legs stiff; I can walk free, jump and dance as I wish. Unlike saree, I need not worry whether it sweeps the dust from the roads I cross. But it took some time for me to realize the long-term side effects it gives.

Leggings stick tight around the leg, thigh and buttocks. It is a close-fitting, body-hugging and skin-tight dress.
It squeezes your flesh and stiffens the muscles. The flow of the blood which has to be free and fast is slowed down. Though the strength could be regained by regular exercises, situations unchecked will make you feel sorry.

Effects of Wearing Leggings
Nerve Impairments

The muscle-squeezing wear causes lifelong nerve damage. Remember that the nerves are coupled furthermore if the nerve impulses are affected, it might lead to stroke.

Candida Yeast Infection

Wearing tight or skinny leggings is often leads to yeast infections. You might want to know the symptoms of the infection such as itching sensation which often occurs in the wet places of the skin downside. The reasons are obvious; it is due to the lack of air circulation. The dress sticks to your sweat on the body and likely produces yeast.

It is advised to wear loose-fitting pants so that you feel comfortable and you’re not being restricted in any way around the area between the abdomen and the upper thigh to breathe.

Tingling Thigh Disease

If not called as Meralgia Paresthetica, is one of the nervous ailments which are caused of being togged up into tight pants and leggings. It first causes burning and tingling sensations that later leads to numbness

Abdominal Pain

Hiding shapeless stomach has become trouble-free with leggings. It congeals the abdominal area and shows as if you have a flat stomach. This forces pressure and causes pain. Even, the regular acid reflux in the body produces a burning sensation and leads to indigestion.

Fashion as said is a fantasy world for good-looks and fit-wear. It has the ability to make anyone compromise on their health and well-being. Well, if you are conscious on your health, be wary to ward off these fashion fads.


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