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10 Reason Why Sweating is Very Important

Do you sweat profusely and often felt embarrassed about it? Or do you sweat too little and feel concerned? Though sweating is often embarrassing it shows the Read More…

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How to increase the sperm count naturally

Infertility among men is something that is not discussed in public and in a traditional society as ours, it is a taboo topic to dwell on. But, that shouldn’t hinder Read More…

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How Obesity Differs in Men and Women

As we move on to a world that bows to our needs, we increasingly fail to stretch our own muscles and lead a sedentary life. Like other primates, Humans are dimorphic. Read More…

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7 Habits that Reduces Stress

Habits maketh a man. Some people are extremely good at managing stress and always seem to have the situation under their control. How do they do it? Read More…

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Why Would Your Body Become Obese?

Obesity has become a serious problem across the world which is creating health problems irrespective of the gender it occurs to. In the last two decades, Read More…

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Home Remedies for a Simple Cold

Are you down with a cold? Do you feel discomfort and heavy headed? Though considered as a ‘common cold’, it is very uncomfortable and inconvenient when Read More…

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How to Reduce Breast Size

Have you been feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable about having over-sized breasts? Would you like to reduce the size of your breasts and feel good about it? Read More…

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More about Abortion Pills

Abortion is a topic which is not discussed freely in public, given the taboo it represents. There is a strong ethical divide world Read More…

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Height increasing exercises and yoga for children

As parents, we all want our children to grow stronger and taller. While height may be linked with genetics, it is not the major growth factor. A proper diet and some simple exercise in the early ages can gain a few more inches.

According to doctors and studies, a baby’s growth slows after 1 year. Once the child is an adolescent, growth spurts occurs between the ages of 8-16. This is the ideal time to introduce exercises to your kids. Exercises elongate and strengthen the bones. In young children, the bands of cartilage stretch allowing the bones of legs and arms to grow. After around the age of 16, these cartilages fuse together and the bones can’t grow any longer. Thus, the growth spurt stops after kids reach puberty. Read More…

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Home Remedies for Constipation

One of the most common ailments due to poor lifestyle choices these days is constipation.  Unhealthy food choices such as processed foods which has less fiber contribute to this condition. Although, the instinctive reaction of most people who are constipated is to reach for a laxative, this is absolutely unnecessary when there are so many healthy natural ways to alleviate this condition. The most effective method is to eat 25 to 30 gm of fiber a day.  Fiber absorbs more water and makes the stool larger and softer which enables it to pass through our system with ease.  However, if you are eating more fiber, you must take care to consume at least eight 8-ounces of water a day since fiber being highly absorbent, failure to drink enough water will make your stools hard, small and painful to pass.

However if you are severely constipated and the condition is chronic, then you have to visit a gastro specialist to ascertain the underlying medical reason. In such cases home remedies should be discontinued and you have to consult the physician immediately.

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