How to Reduce Breast Size

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October 26, 2017

Have you been feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable about having over-sized breasts? Would you like to reduce the size of your breasts and feel good about it? Though associated with allure and attraction, having big breasts does not contribute to health or comfort. Besides feeling uncomfortable, finding it difficult to find the right bra size or dress and attracting unwanted stares from people, big breasts cause health problems. All women want the perfect breast size and look attractive and seductive. Read more.

A Preface to Breast Size

Once the breasts begin to grow, it starts developing till the age of 20. But in some cases the growth of the breasts is quite rapid and this is the factor that causes the most problems.

Some Problems of Plus-sized Breasts

  • Having bigger breasts causes undue problems such as breathlessness,
  • Pain in the back and shoulder besides the neck.

Reasons for Plus-sized Breasts

  • Increased breast size is often due to pregnancy and the subsequent breast feeding.
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes

Though there are many ways to reduce the size of the breasts like cosmetic surgery, OTC drugs and reduction surgeries, these solutions may sometimes cause other problems.

Natural Ways to Reduce the Size of Your Breasts

There are natural ways to reduce the size of your breasts which will make you feel good and healthy:

Aerobic Exercises

Leveraging the metabolic rate and reducing overall body fat, aerobic exercises tune the body. These exercises can be done 4-5 times weekly for 30 minutes which will help to bring down the body weight and once that begins the size of your breasts will also automatically reduce.

Breast Massage

As an ancient therapy, massage has been known to reduce body fat and the size of the breast when massaged with warm oil, lotion or cream.

Strength-Training and Cardio Exercises

Strength-Training and Cardio Exercises focus on reducing the fat in the upper body and chest and its impact reduces the breast size. Wear a sports bra when exercising.

Some Foods that aids in Reducing the Size of Your Breasts

Green Tea

Containing Catechins, green tea has been proven effective in weight loss and decreasing body fat by burning calories.  Besides reducing the risk of breast cancer, green tea also aids in reducing the size of the breasts.

Flax Seed

Containing omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseeds reduce the levels of estrogen which cause increase in breast size besides eliminating harmful toxins.


Increasing the metabolic rate of the body, ginger helps to burn fat and is instrumental in reducing the fatty tissues in the breasts and the body.

With a combination of traditional methods along with exercise, you can reduce the size of your breasts and live a better lifestyle.


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