How to increase the sperm count naturally

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November 5, 2017

Infertility among men is something that is not discussed in public and in a traditional society as ours, it is a taboo topic to dwell on. But, that shouldn’t hinder us from seeking ways to prevent it as we believe it is nothing to be ashamed of. By having an open discussion, we could go a long way in creating awareness and help avoid it. Natural therapy is more sustainable and is preferred for its lack of undesirable effects on our body.

So, let us discuss some natural methods to fight infertility and increase the sperm count.

  • Consume ample Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a rich source of antioxidants that helps rejuvenate your body and helps combat the oxidative stress brought upon by your work and other kinds of metabolic body functions. Studies have shown that Vitamin-C supplements taken twice a day doubles your sperm count. Anti-oxidants containing foods like Papayas, Citrus, green tea also helps you combat aging as it is believed that they actually delay the aging process.

  • Consume Food rich in Vitamin D and Zinc

Getting plenty of fresh food, veggies will not only help you stay fit but also goes a long way in keeping you fertile. Watch your weight as food deprivation might cause men to lose sexual interest. Obesity on the other hand is also linked to a decrease in sperm production due to the high temperature of the fat near testes. Vitamin D rich foods like fish, Cheese and Egg can also help combat infertility. Oysters, rich in Zinc are also known for their property to boost sperm production.

  • Consume Garlic and Walnuts

If smell doesn’t put you off, Garlic is a great food that contains magic elements like Allicin, that helps boost blood flow to the sex organs and prevent it from damage. It also contains Selenium, an antioxidant which rejuvenates your sexual vigour. Consuming Walnuts is also very beneficial as they are believed to contain Omega-3 Fatty acids that increases sperm count and are very tasty.

  • Reduce your stress and organise better

Stress triggers the release of cortisol that impairs your fertility. It also has a negative reaction on another hormone called Testosterone which is vital for a multitude of sexual functions in your anatomy. So inculcate stress management in your routine by meditating or stressing your muscles and having some amount of physical activity daily.


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