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October 27, 2017

Are you down with a cold? Do you feel discomfort and heavy headed? Though considered as a ‘common cold’, it is very uncomfortable and inconvenient when one suffers from a cold. Colds can be accompanied by nasal congestion, chills, aches, fever, sneezing and a runny nose. But don’t let this deter you from experiencing a normal lifestyle as there are great home remedies to ease a simple cold which attacks everybody at some time or another.

Signs and Symptoms of Simple Cold

There are several signs and symptoms which accompany a cold which goes through various stages. You may experience tickling of the nose, sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. In some cases, the common cold is aggravated with a cough, a scratchy feeling in the throat and overall feverish feeling. Common colds are quite uncomfortable and make you feel ill with muscle pains and headaches. You may go through low appetite, watery eyes and a sore throat.

Treating Cold with Home Remedies

A common cold can be treated and this situation can be eased with great home remedies.

(1) Ginger with Salt

Ginger with salt can be chewed on to ease a sore throat besides being useful for fighting a cough and cold.

(2) Ginger Tea

Ginger has been of medicinal use for ages and can be made into a tea which helps a runny nose, cough and cold. Ginger aids in the recovery process from a cold and eliminates phlegm.

(3) Spiced Tea

Tea with a combination of spices which comprise of black pepper, tulsi (Thulasi) and ginger fight a cough and cold.

(4) Luke-warm water

Luke-warm water reduces inflammation of the throat and eases a cough besides replenishing the fluids and eliminating infection.

(5) Lemon, Honey and Cinnamon

A common cold can be treated with a blend of honey, cinnamon and lemon and is a great remedy when taken twice a day.

(6) Salt-water Gargle

As an age-old remedy, a salt-gargle twice a day is effective in treating a cold and cough especially when turmeric is added.

(7) Turmeric and Milk

Truly a grandmother’s recipe, a glass of milk with turmeric is a great antidote which contains antioxidants. This magical remedy fights a cold and cough besides helping you to enjoy a good night’s rest.

There are other wonderful ways to treat a common cold and most Indian households rely on home remedies. But remember to have chicken soup, and hydrate yourself well by drinking lots of fluids. Taking medicines for cold does not really help as they say that an treated cold lasts for seven days while a treated lasts one week.


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