Why the Issue on Mercury is Trending – Know its Effects

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August 4, 2015

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The news on Mercury Poisoning by Hindustan Unilever Limited must have caught your eyes by now. Though the issue rises up now and then, the core reason of the problem has be understood in depth.In this article I have written on the basic facts how and why mercury ruins health.

Humans are exposed to mercury by natural means at some level, lower, intermittent or continuous and the effects of mercury on health could vary depending on varying levels of exposure. This also includes certain factors when and how a person gets exposed to mercury, such as

  1. Age
  2. Dosage
  3. Duration
  4. How and Where?

The age limit has to be considered as an important factor because what consequence mercury has on fetus varies from that of an adult.

Definitely, the dosage of the mercury consumed plays a vital role because as chemistry says, Higher dosage is directly proportional [=] to the Effects.

Exposure to mercury will certainly have some effect on health; anyway, continuous exposure will have a long lasting effect which could not be cured.

How and Where?
This is about how a person is exposed to mercury, which is,

  1. Eatables such as fish have the possibility to contain mercury depending on the presence of mercury in the water it was taken from, this include fishes such as shark, tuna, swordfish etc.
  2. Batteries contain mercury to a certain amount that is toxic; children could be the victims in most of such cases. Mercury is also found in cracked tube lights and holding or working with it without using proper safety measures could lead to adverse health problems.
  3. Inhaling mercury fumes in the factories leads to permanent impairment.

What effects mercury might have on our body will take the wind out of your sails.

  1. Nervous Breakdown
  2. Loss of Teeth
  3. Mental Illness
  4. Pregnancy Problems

Nervous Breakdown
Mercury has a drastic effect on our nervous system; there are several methods which briefly explain how this happens. Direct contact with mercury leads to neuron’s structural framework disorder which leads to fatal damage in the neuron-transmitters.

Loss of Teeth
Continuous exposure to the hazardous mercury fumes leads to loss of teeth and other illness related to breathing.

Mental Illness
Anxiety, depression, nervousness, mood swings and aggressiveness are some of the mental illness which could be seen in patients affected due to dealings with mercury.

Pregnancy Problems
Reproductive disorders are one of the major problems what people face as a side-effect of working in mercury labs and consuming mercury-affected which are wrongly considered fit for human ingestion.


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