Why temples were built on the hills?

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September 19, 2017

Have you ever wondered why there are temples on the hills. Ever thought about the reason why they were built atop the hills? Is it because there is more spiritual environment on the hills? Here are some interesting reasons on why our ancestors built the temples atop the hills.

  • Most temples are built in a place that has some significance. Many temples on hills are associated with spiritual people who performed penance (thavam). They selected hills because of the seclusion it offered. Hence the temples got built.
  • The hills generally are lush and green. So this gave peace of mind to the pilgrims. A positive mental health is an absolute necessity. In this era of internets and mobile phones, it is indeed good to be away from all these worldly affairs at least for a day and two and spend time with the family on the hills.
  • Also the hills housed medicinal plants and streams. Apart from providing the much needed freedom from stress and depression, they also provided health to the body.
  • The hills required climbing stairs or climbing unmarked pathways. This provided physical exercise of sorts to the pilgrims.
  • While climbing the pathways, the pilgrims had to look out for any impending dangers or mishaps. This kept the pilgrims vigilant.
  • Also when group of pilgrims together make it to the hill, they tend to develop a bonding which teaches us team spirit and team building. The family that is on the pilgrimage can also have ample family time and the bonding between the family members grow in such occasions.

There were all these purposes ingrained as temples got constructed on top of the mountains. So the next time you see a temple on a hill, do not pray from below but get to go to the top by foot and have a nice darshan.


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