What Makes Your Waist Grow With Time – Sugar or Fat?

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August 16, 2017

The growing risk of having a thicker waistline is a cause of constant concern for both men and women. As suggested by expert doctors and physicians, thicker waistline that has accumulated fat overtime, attracts diverse diseases. Also, people who already have thick layers of fat around their waistline feel a sense of guilt when they relish on fat and sugar. Misconceptions galore when it comes to reasons behind increase in waistline.  

People are perplexed when they find that no weight is reduced even after consuming a diet that is less in fat. Is there any truth that dietary fat causes weight gain? Not really! This goes against the common concept that food rich in dietary fat needs to be replaced in our diet.

How Your Body Responds to Food You Eat

Replacing the fatty elements of your diet with sugary drinks or food products is not a wise choice at all. To better understand the reason behind, you need to take into account the science behind. The carbohydrate content of food we eat gets converted into sugar (glucose). The increase in glucose level in the blood is triggers the secretion of insulin to control the glucose. The glucose is supposed to be burnt as calories for varied body mechanisms. But if the body does not expends the glucose, there is excess glucose which is then converted as worst form of fat only to be stored in the waistline.

Why Fat Has Got The Bad Reputation Instead of Sugar?

Blame it on bad propaganda. In the middle of 20th century, there was a boom in the number of households that had television sets. Advertisements vilified fat to promote cereals. So the popular perception that fat is bad took root.

Though unhealthy fat is found to cause cardiac diseases, diabetes and even obesity, it is not the only culprit that makes you look unattractive with a big, round belly. Studies and researches related to the effect of our diet on our overall health have found that higher sugar consumption is the bigger culprit behind increased waistline.

What to Eat to Prevent Fat Gain Around Your Waist

If you are living a low confident life because of the excess fat around your waistline, the first thing you need to do is to keep a check on what you eat. There is absolutely no need to skip your meals to lose weight and fat from your body. Instead greatly controlling junk food and sugary food can help in your goal of waistline reduction. Go for food diet rich in fiber, complex carbohydrates, healthy dietary fat and protein, minerals and other nutrients.

It is best to consult a dietitian to understand what you should consume as per your specific body needs and also to understand the role of good fat and healthy diet in your life.


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