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September 23, 2017

Wellness Retreats are one of the hottest trends of 2017. In an age of healthy travel and celebrity fitness programs, wellness retreats offer a chance to go beyond caring for our physical health boosting our physical health. Their programs are meant to take you away from your busy life by promoting mental focus and inner calm and maybe, a chance to go soul searching.

These days, India is no stranger to wellness centres. From soothing massages to Ayurvedic treatments, soak in luxurious therapies, signature treatments, rituals and fitness regimes crafted just for you. Below is a list of some of the most exclusive Wellness Centres in India. Reschedule those appointments and get ready for the finest in pampering.

  1. Ananda in the Himalayas, Uttaranchal

  2. What better way to unwind than by spending a few days in the mountains? Ananda in the Himalayas in an awarding winning spa resort that integrates ancient Indian practices like Ayurveda and Yoga with state of the art international fitness programmes.

    1. Kalari Kovilakom, Kovalam

    Make your way to the South of India to indulge in some of the finest Ayurvedic healing treatments. From personalised herbal preparations and food to purifying baths and herbal massages, this is one retreat you should definitely visit.

    1. Spa Niramaaya, Kovalam

    The Spa Niramaaya at Kovalam is more than just a wellness retreat. Perched on a cliff overlooking a beach, you’re in for a visual delight as well as healing therapies. Clock some laps in their infinity pool for some immediate stress buster.

    1. Raas Devigarh, Udaipur

    Raas Devigarh is an award winning heritage resort providing the perfect hideaway to recuperate. The highlight of the spa is the Himalayan salt believed to have healing properties that cleanses the body, improves sleep and reduces muscle tension.

    1. Wildflower Hall, Shimla

    Situated 8000 feet in the Himalayas, Windflower Hall is known for its scenic beauty and their signature beauty rituals. Gaze at majestic snow tipped mountains while you relax under expert hands.


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