Tea and Bajjis of Chennai – An inviting deadly combo

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August 28, 2017

People in marketing profession or people who are in professions that involve sales and servicing at clients place move out in the hot sun. The solace they have is the stop-over they make for a quick tea. Most smoke and we are not going to touch upon the perils of smoking as we are quite aware of it. A cup of tea is often accompanied by bajjis. Are they good for your health? Let us explore

Myths about Bajjis available in the tea shops

  • Generally the bajjis available in the tea shop are freshly made before our eyes. Hence we assume that they are healthy.
  • Since gram flour is used to make bajji, we tend to think that the protein content of the gram flour provides general health benefits

Facts about the Bajjis

  • The oil used in making bajjis is refined oil which is not healthy for our body system.
  • The worst part is the refined oil used is continuously used for many batches of bajjis.
  • The gram flour is often mixed with refined flour (maida) in the tea shops for cost factors.

Health Impact of the Bajjis

  • Refined oil is generally devoid of any natural health benefits.
  • The same oil being used time and again is laden with bad fat and hence has a strong potential to increase the triglyceride composition of your lipid (fat) composition.
  • Triglycerides are one of the bad form of fat which are found to clog arteries and are a potential risk for heart diseases.
  • The decreased protein content does not give any benefit to the body.
  • Apart from heart diseases, these unhealthy bajjis can also cause obesity.

The Finding – Just stop with one or two cups of tea outside and control the urge to have bajjis outside.

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