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July 30, 2015

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“The true face of smoking is disease, death and horror – not the glamour and sophistication the pushers in the tobacco industry try to portray”- David Byrne

Why does a person smoke?

A person might have thousand reasons how he began smoking in the initial days. May be the attraction or circumstance that made him do, anyway he could have stopped with the first attempt. Notwithstanding, what made him to try it for the second time besides knowing the side effects it causes to the body? Have you ever thought of this? If not, let us speak of it now.

For a teenager, smoking gives them the idea that they are looking matured to the others. For an adolescent, smoking is to drive attention for themselves. In certain countries, there are laws to forbid teenagers less than 18 years from smoking.

Let us talk about an adult. There is no less capacity for an adult to understand the after-effects of smoking. There are visible advertisements and symbols stuck on the cigarette covers, and besides all these, they ignore all the information and enjoy breathing in the poisoned air.

Does smoking relieve stress?

Smoking is a psychological addiction. There are no theories proved so far that smoking can reduce stress. It is a myth that is spread widely and is believed by everyone without proper understanding. The components in cigarette such as nicotine increase the stress level in the body. It gives them a sense of oral pleasure.

Some confess that smoking helps them think. There is very less truth behind this statement because if they have ever given a thought, they would not have smoked at first place.

Do you know that smoking alters genes?

There is various health risks related to smoking. It is known that smoking cause’s diabetes, cancer, etc., where in 90% of the cases lungs are affects and the other parts of the body wins its place in the remaining 10%.
In a recent study, scientists have found that smoking can alter the genes in our body. Generally, our genes could be altered due to certain changes that happen with the chemical reactions in our DNA at old age. Besides, there is a proved theory that even smoking can cause this alteration. Perhaps it should be noted that these genes are acquired from parents and any such alteration in them due to lifestyle and other unnatural reasons are not healthy.

Are you aware that maternal smoking causes spontaneous abortion?

At the outset, a pregnant woman should have the clear idea about what it means to be pregnant; a new life is taking its shape from head to toe inside her. When a woman with a fetus in her womb smokes there are high chances for the baby to be born with definite birth defects prematurely which leads to asthma, deferred lung maturity and to end with reduced lifespan. The baby could even die due to SIDS (Sudden Infant Birth Syndrome).

Does branded cigarette reduce these effects?

The mindset of the smokers of this era is that branded cigarettes are less harmful than the ordinary. I would ask whether that cigarette lets ash in a different shade. Nope, then why do you have to give place to such an idea?

Smoking does not make you cool

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed”. There are people who really understand that smoking does not make them cool and who try to quit this deadly habit. For those who try, I would like to say that “If you push your limits, the limits will push themselves for you”. There is always a way for the efforts you make.

And for those who are still smoking, it is time you begin thinking over this. Maybe this article would change the way your life has been.


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