Puducherry – A Paradise to Chennai Guys

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September 4, 2017

Come weekend, the East Coast Road is filled with cars and bikes. You can see an exodus of youngsters to Pondicherry or Puducherry, as it is called now. The reason why they flock to Puducherry is no big secret. It is the varieties of alcohol and the beaches that attract them. What are the implications of this and what are our responses? Find out.

Can the flow of alcohol stopped?

  • Numerous studies have shown that when the availability of alcohol is abruptly stopped, people find ways to get a hold of it. So a full prohibition does not work
  • The worst thing that occurs is the flow of spurious liquor which can lead to deaths.
  • The only way out is to make alcohol available, put certain restrictions as a parallel measure and implement it brutally.

Restrictions from Authorities

  • Verify who buys the alcohol and also who consumes. While we have strict rules that anyone under 18 cannot buy alcohol, there is no virtual check on who consumes it.
  • There are also reports that say that there is no serious check on the age of student population that buys alcohol.
  • Register how the individual or group of individuals travelled to buy alcohol. Ensure they are not driving after drinking.

Restriction on Self

They say the best restriction is self-imposed restrictions. Here are our requests to individuals who visit Puducherry for a weekend getaway.

  • If you are consuming alcohol make sure you are going to stay back in a place and then consume. This is much safer because it does not put either your life or others life in danger.
  • Do not ride or drive after consuming liquor.
  • Get a good night sleep and freshen yourself in the morning before travelling back to Chennai.
  • Do not consume liquor in the morning or evening when you are returning back to Chennai.

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