Make your own Sports Drink at Home

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August 12, 2017

Before we delve into the nitty-gritty of making our own sports drink let us know what makes a sports drink and why it is sought after. A sports drink is something that supplies us with necessary electrolytes. When our body’s electrolyte and salt get depleted as a result of strenuous physical activities, sports drink replenishes the body. These drinks are sought after because they supply the energy almost instantly.

Sports Drink – DIY


  • One Tender Coconut
  • One glass of water infused with ginger
  • One glass of water infused with two (sliced) lemons
  • Two tbsp. honey
  • One tbsp. Himalayan Sea Salt (Called Indhuppu)

Mix the above ingredients well and fill the mixture in a bottle. A replenishing sports drink is now ready in your hand. No sugar and no added attractive colors in your sports drink. So enjoy the freshness and goodness of home-made sports drink. If you want your drink to be ice-cold, you can leave the bottle overnight in a refrigerator.

Optional Ingredients

  • You are at liberty to add any fresh fruit squeezes to the above drink. Our preferred choice would be sweet-lime, orange, pine apple or water-melon.
  • Additionally if you think you may want calcium in your sports drink, you can add half a tbsp. of food grade calcium carbonate.
  • If you want a punch in your drink, you can add a small pinch of chilli powder.

When you can make a healthy sports drink at home, at a fraction of cost why do you need those sugary junk being sold in the name of sports drinks. When you do the sports drink yourself, we are sure your will not be lured by those neon-colored drinks stacked at the super-market shelves.


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