Is Running good for our Knees?

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September 5, 2017

There is a constant debate about the benefits of running. People have a general opinion that people who run have a strong body and hence it is good for overall health. This tendency also makes us think that knees are not impacted while we run. The truth is more complex. Let us explore.

Running and Evolution

  • It has been proved beyond doubts that walking and running were part of our evolutionary path.
  • The truth is our body is more evolved for walking than running because running was only for self-defense and walking was done constantly as we were hunter-gatherers in our early age.
  • So running was always a short burst activity and never was an activity that was supposed to be for longer periods.

What does that Imply?

  • Walking is more than sufficient to keep ourselves fit.
  • Running is not necessary at all if you are old. Just walk 5-6 km a day to keep you fit.
  • Incorporating walking in your workout regimen and doing it sustained for years together is the key to good health and best benefit

So is running good for our knees?

  • Many studies point to the fact that if the running is kept for shorter duration, it has lesser impact on the knees.
  • Also if you are wearing not wearing ergonomically designed shoes or running in barefoot, it can have greater impact on our knees.
  • The surface we run also matters. Artificial surfaces created in international stadiums or a natural surface is always better suited for running purposes. Avoid running on bitumen roads and concrete surfaces.

Conclusion – Many researches point to the above facts and hence orthopedic specialists are of the opinion that keeping running to minimal can give optimal benefits. If a person has arthritis or other knee related problem, it is best to avoid running and instead walk.

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