How to discover Autism early in your baby

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August 22, 2017

Autism can be termed as a disorder where the communication and interaction capabilities are affected. It is a developmental disorder. It is now more scientifically termed as Autism Spectrum Disorder or simply ASD.

Awareness on ASD in India

In India people are generally not aware of autism or ASD. Though some sought of awareness on autism is moderately present among the educated Indians, it is largely restricted to knowing the name and not beyond. Here are 10 signs to look for in your growing child to determine whether the growing child has ASD or not.

10 Signs of ASD in your baby

If your baby shows some of the following signs, then you should immediately refer to any developmental specialists who can use screening techniques for the presence of any symptoms associated with ASD.

(1) Your baby does not look into you when he or she is being fed or tended to
(2) Your baby does not smile back at you at all
(3) Your baby does not look around or respond when his or her name is called or any familiar voice is heard.
(4) Your baby does not use any of his or her hand to gesture at
(5) Your baby does not look into any object or any direction you might point at
(6) Your baby does not make any babbling noises even by 12 months
(7) Your baby does not speak anything even by broken phrases of two words in 2 years of age
(8) Your baby does not pick up the emotion when you caress and cuddle
(9) Your baby does not make any noise whatsoever to get your attention
(10) Your baby does not show any interest to play with other babies or known persons of the family.

In India generally such babies are termed as good because they do not trouble the mom or the family much. But we need to get to the fact that this is not usual and ignoring ASD symptoms at the tender age can severely impede the social development of the baby.


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