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July 31, 2015

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For the last few hours an infographic about Coke has been trending on Facebook and many other social networks. At first I thought this is another buzzing news to draw attention, but later after noticing it being on the top trending list, I thought this cannot be happening if there is no point.

What hidden potential coke has on us, from head to foot choked me for a moment. So will you also be reading this. The below infographic explains how the drink works on our body for every ten minutes in an hour.

What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke
Image credit: The Renegade Pharmacis

The recommended amount of sugar for a person in a day is only 10 spoons, and coke compensates it all! Imagine what happens if the quantity of sugar which has to be taken little by little in a day is consumed all at once in a gulp?

In about 20 minutes, your blood level shoots up causing an insulin burst. Now, your liver works tirelessly converting all these sugar particles into fat. Oh my God, there must be a heap of fat right now!

In the next 20 minutes your blood pressure rises, leaving the liver releases all the fat into the blood. Due to the fat in your blood stream, during circulation, the adenosine receptors gets blocked in the brain and this leads to drowsiness.

Now you will feel like over-active as if something is running in your brain. Lol! The graphic depicts this is how even the heroin causes the reaction when consumed.

By the end of an hour, you will feel a rise in your metabolism which you will sense through your activities. This is because the phosphoric acid binds together the magnesium, calcium and zinc in the lower part of your intestine. Now, due to the overdose of sugar particles, you will feel like wanting to piss.

After excretion, you will feel low and dehydrated. As if your engine shut down due to over usage and heat. Untill and unless you feed yourself with something healthy and refreshing, you are not going to feel better. Think for yourself, I guess this is the right time to stop becoming a maid to modernization.


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