Capricious Caffeine – Effects on Brain and Body

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September 2, 2015

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Caffeine is the essential drink for many of us. The energy that we feel spreads down the stream inside when we sip the enticing caffeine is capricious. It unpredictably changes our mood and behavior. Our frame of mind feels all the way better and alive.

Making the day alive, then during the day, at work and when tired, it lifts up the oomph level and makes us to get-up-and-go.

So, what’s behind this mystery process? Firstly, our brain releases the adenosine receptors on a regular basis from the time we wake up until we go to bed.
This receptor is responsible for the general functions of the brain to take place at its time.

Now, when you drink caffeine, the natural process is altered. It induces the natural energy level a bit high and makes you feel more active. Say a sudden spark! 😛

This affects the functions of the brain such as memory, learning and sleep and becomes more prone to diseases such as Depression, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s diseases.

Caffeine certainly has some effects on the rest of the parts of the body as in the brain. Its effects could be felt as a result of blood pressure, stomach burn and more effects than you expect.

What caffeine does to body?

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