Can constipation lead to piles?

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October 12, 2017

Constipation can be simply defined as irregular bowel movement. In other words if shit does not happen, everything goes shit. If there is one meeting point between alternate medicines and modern medicines it is about constipation. Both the world accepts that not shitting regularly is a recipe for health disaster. Coming to the point, is constipation the leading reason of piles? Let us discuss.

How constipation happens?

Blame it primarily on the food. Our food needs to be balanced. It needs to have the right amount of protein, dietary fat, complex carbohydrate which includes fibres and the required vitamins and minerals. Fibre rich food are said to play an important role in ensuring a healthy bowel movement. In other words they make shit happen.

The Connection between Constipation and Piles

When constipation happens there is generally a struggle to push the stools down by exerting pressure to the lower abdomen. This pressure is felt in the veins present in the anal region. As a result the veins gobble more blood into them and will swell like a bag of worm to lead to a condition called piles. Piles therefore is a mass of dilated veins with blood formed as a result of extraordinary pressure.

Constipation happening once in a blue moon is not known to cause piles. Only chronic constipation can cause piles in the long run.

If you are a junk food junkie then there is every possibility that constipation can become a regular affair. So beware of what you gulp down your throat. Foods that are made of simple carbohydrates like maida, polished rice, artificial flavours, are to be avoided.

Can constipation only be caused by food?

Constipation is overwhelmingly because of the quality of food we eat only. But sometimes being under prolonged medications and prolonged hospital stay can also induce constipation. So you need to consult your physician to cure your constipation for whatever reasons it might happen.

Are there any other reasons that can cause piles apart from constipation?

Yes there are. The exact reason why piles happens is still a topic of debate though there is a general agreement that chronic constipation causes piles. The other strong reasons are genetics, age, pregnancy (piles caused by pregnancy disappears automatically in most cases after the en of pregnancy) and sometimes because of diarrhoea too.


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