7 Essential Items in your Travel Bag

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August 31, 2017

Are you a frequent traveler who is very concerned about health? Then these are the six essential items you need to carry along in your travel bag to maintain your health. These six essential items can assure your well-being.

  1. Oral Kit – Your oral kit should have a brush, a tooth paste, a tongue scrapper, a mouthwash and a dental floss. If you are wearing a brace, do not forget to have the specialized brush in your oral kit.
  2. Anti-septic Liquid – A handy small anti-septic liquid bottle is a must to carry. Betadine is the most popular anti-septic liquid used. You can also carry Dettol or Savlon. An anti-septic liquid comes in handy in case you have a fair chance to injure yourself while going for a hiking in your trip.
  3. Mosquito Repellent Creams – If you are travelling to a remote area covered with vegetation, you should definitely expect mosquitoes. Rather than carrying a repellent where you need to search for an electric point to burn it, a repellent cream will come in handy.
  4. Safety Pins – This may sound a bit trivial. But safety pins have multiple benefits. Right from poking a hole into something to removing a thorn, a safety pin indeed comes handy.
  5. An Ointment to treat minor injuries – A topical ointment like Soframycin is indeed a great addition to your medical kit while you travel. In case you are not finding it, Nebasulf powder also finds a great use.
  6. Coconut Oil – An unadulterated coconut oil is indeed miracle oil. The high fat desirable fat content provides a soothing calmness when applied to our hairs. Coconut oil also doubles up as a topical cream for any minor cuts or wounds.
  7. Non-drowsy Analgesic – Aspirin is termed a wonder drug in the medical world. Carrying few aspirin with you can be great help in case you feel uncomfortable in the new environment.


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