5 best natural foods for your baby

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September 17, 2017

Do you want the best for your little muffin? Is your baby getting the right type of food with a wealth of health? With myriad baby foods in the market, it seems a little daunting to get the best one for your precious child. Give your baby super foods that are packed with essential nutrients which you will find in food powder made using traditional methods mixed with honey or other cereals.

Feed Your Baby with a Wealth of Health

But remember, whatever is on the menu for your darling, make sure that the first foods for your baby is really smooth and pureed to perfection. Add liquid if necessary to thin the food down or blended with mother’s milk. As your child grows to six or seven months, you can reduce the liquid and thicken the texture of the food. New foods should be served one at a time with a single grain variety till your baby gets used to it and is not allergic to any type of food.

Give Your Baby the Experience of Super-foods

  1. Rice porridge or Kanji – As a great source of proteins and Vitamin B, rice porridge or kanji can be made into a creamy soup to give your baby an easily digestible and energizing food.
  2. Vegetables – Puree milder flavored vegetables which are orange or yellow colored like carrots or sweet potatoes. You can go on to stronger flavors such as pureed peas and some beans later. Vegetables offer a vitamin-rich source of nutrition like Vitamins, E, A and C along with dietary fiber, folate and potassium.
  3. Fruits – Fruits can be pureed like a smoothie with bananas, apples and other soft fruits. Fruits are rich in essential nutrients and vitamins especially Vitamin C. Apples make a wonderful combination with poultry, meats and veggies also.
  4. Health Mix – Sathu Maavu or health mix porridge for babies is a mixed combo of various millet full of calcium, proteins and iron. The added benefit is they are gluten-free, energy-filled and also nutritious.
  5. Ragi porridge – With a rich source of calcium and iron, Ragi can be blended into a smooth and silky porridge for your baby. Ragi has higher content of anti-oxidants than other grains and hence prevents weight gain. It also gives stronger bones and is considered a great food for kids.


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