Free Source of Vitamin D – A Walk or Cycling to Your Office

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September 9, 2017

Most of us have read somewhere that vitamin D is synthesized by our skin while we expose it to sunlight. But it would sound surprising and weird to know that most Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency.  Majority of the population in India above the age of 35 are actually suggested to consume Vitamin D through drugs. Why not consume Vitamin D when there is sunlight available to you as a free source? How to harness free Vitamin D?

Why Vitamin D is essential?

In terms of its importance in health maintenance, Vitamin D helps in maintaining the bone density and even supports immune system of our body to fight against diseases.

Face the Heat with Pleasure for Vitamin D

A lot of people do not like facing the sun or its light because of their own concerns. But to those who are recommended with additional intake of vitamin D, bearable sunlight in the morning and evening hours is good to get Vitamin D.

Vitamin D for Osteoporosis and Arthritis

People suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis are given calcium drugs. But for absorption of calcium, vitamin D is required. So, a habit of going for morning walks to get sunlight will give the much needed exposure to your skin.

Dual Benefits of a Walk or Cycling in Sunlight

For people who complain of lack if time, you can take a morning walk to the office or you can cycle your way should your office be within 5-6 km. Apart from giving the benefits of Vitamin-D, they also provide the twin benefit of a flexible workout to your body.

So, a simple walk in the sunlight or an hour of cycling will fulfill your requirement for vitamin D.


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